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Paint Corrections and
Swirl Removal

Restore life back to your vehicle's paint by booking an exterior detail with Runner Detail. We got plenty of options to meet all your needs.

Correction Packages

paint correction

 Paint Enhancement 

starting at $225 

  • Hand Wash

  • Clay bar treatment

  • All in one cut,polish,wax

  • Removal of 60% of defects 

  • Wax finish

Do you want that wax like shine but your paint isn't in the best condition? Then our paint enhancement is best for you. Are all in one formula cuts, polishes, and waxes all in one to enhance your paint and get the shine that you desire

paint correction


  starting at $375
Purchase this package and gaet a free 1 year coating

  • Hand Wash

  • Clay bar treatment

  • Wheel faces & tires cleaned 

  • Bug removal

  • 2in1 compound & polish  

  • Removal of 70% of defects 

  • 1 year paint sealant

After years of car washes, sitting out in the sun, and the everyday elements your vehicle is bound to have swirling and imperfections. Remove up to 75% of those imperfections and restore your paint when you book a one step correction with Runner Detail

paint correction


 starting at $500 
Purchase this package and get a free 1 year  coating

  • Hand Wash

  • Clay bar treatment

  • wheel faces & tires cleaned 

  • Tire shine 

  • True cutting Compound 

  • Finshing polish

  • Removal of 80% of defects 

  • Intense shine 

  • 1 Year paint sealant 

  • windshield coating 

Say no to swirls and imperfections when you book this package. A step up from our one step correction this two step paint correction removes up to 85% of imperfection and swirling off your paint. Along with removing any haze and restoring your vehicles paint

hand wax

Oxidation & Water spot 


Starting at $750

Oxidation and water spots can compromise your vehicles paint and overall appearance and if not treated right away can be tricky to remove but we got you covered here at Runner Detail just give us a call for your estimate.

Paint Corrections

"Transform Your Vehicle's Appearance with Precision Paint Correction! Unlock the true potential of your vehicle's paintwork with our expert paint correction service. Our skilled technicians utilize advanced techniques and premium products to eliminate imperfections and restore a flawless finish that rivals showroom quality.

Say goodbye to swirl marks, scratches, water spots, and other unsightly blemishes that detract from your vehicle's aesthetic appeal. Our meticulous paint correction process involves carefully leveling the surface of the paint to remove imperfections, followed by polishing to reveal a smooth, reflective shine.

Ceramic Coating near me Mustang

Paint Enhancement 

Our paint enhancement process involves carefully refining the surface of your vehicle's paint to remove minor imperfections such as light swirl marks, fine scratches, and hazing. By restoring clarity and depth to the paint, we create a lustrous finish that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. Unlike traditional paint correction, our paint enhancement service is ideal for vehicles with relatively minor imperfections or those looking to maintain their paint in excellent condition. It's the perfect solution for enhancing gloss and vibrancy without the need for more extensive correction.

Oxidation & Water Spot Removal

Oxidation occurs when the paint's protective layer breaks down, leaving it vulnerable to environmental elements like sun exposure and pollution. Our oxidation removal process involves gentle yet effective techniques to buff away the oxidized layer, revealing a revitalized surface underneath. The result? A glossy finish that gleams like new.

Overspray, on the other hand, can occur when paint particles land on your vehicle during nearby painting or construction projects. These tiny droplets can create a rough texture on the paint surface, detracting from its smoothness and clarity. Our overspray removal experts employ specialized methods to safely lift and eliminate these particles, restoring a flawless finish to your vehicle's exterior.

Camaro Ceramic coating

Multi Step paint


Starting at $500

Restore your paint to near perfect conditions with our multi step paint correction. This process remove up to 95% of swirling and imperfection off the paint. This process includes everything listed in the packages listed above but will involve our strongest cutting compounds and pad combo paired with multiple passes to ensure the best results that will leave you satisfied.

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